My art is a culmination of the experiences I’ve gathered from life and literature, places visited, dreamt of, and imagined.  I have always cherished the qualities of literature and the arts that allow me to explore beyond myself and beyond what I know.  I strive to imbue my own work with similar traits.  In each piece my challenge is to create a narrative whether out in nature, in an interior setting, or depicting a figure.  My paintings are about possibilities.

When working on a studio painting, the conception is entirely my own, but when I’m painting en plein air, my surroundings have a say in my imagery, narrative, and composition.  In both I attempt to capture a likeness of a location or subject, and also to capture experiences and emotions. The way light falls and creates shadows, or air particles accumulate over a distance and shimmer, an unanticipated pose struck by the model, all affects my experiences as I’m working. 

Though my training focused primarily on the figure and so does my studio work, in my plein air and landscape paintings I often purposefully leave people out.  I feel that having specific people in a painting, in some way, may make it more difficult for the viewer to enter and have their own experiences.  They will instead think about what those people are doing and experiencing.  Whereas allowing traces and hints that people were there and may come again, helps to invite a viewer in but leaves what happens next wide open.